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DentistRx power toothbrushes


Our patented power toothbrush designs are clinically proven to remove plaque and promote healthier gums and naturally whiter teeth.

DentistRx is committed to your oral home care and is recommended and dispensed by dentists and hygienists nationwide.


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DentistRx Power Brushes
Keepin it fresh

keepin it fresh

Get the most out of your DentistRx power toothbrush by changing your brush heads every three months.


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brush head subscription program

Be sure to sign-up for the DentistRx Subscription Program to automatically receive your brush heads when you need them at a discounted price and free shipping.



accessorize your smile


From charger to sanitizers, we got you covered. Some more text will go here to talk about replacement pieces and parts for your power toothbrush.




DentistRx Accessories
Healthier gums
healthier gums

DentistRx power toothbrushes are clinically proven to be safe and effective in removing plaque and bacteria leading to improved gum health.

Whiter Teeth
whiter teeth

Our power toothbrushes will help remove tooth stains caused by tobacco, food and beverages, resulting in naturally whiter teeth.

Fresher Breath
fresher breath

Oral bacteria causes 99% of bad breath. DentistRx toothbrushes power away odor causing plaque providing cleaner teeth and fresher breath.