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Hello, and welcome to the DentistRx Buzz…your first stop for finding information about the Intelisonic sonic toothbrush and Revolation 360 degree revolving power toothbrush from DentistRx!

Here you will find:

  • The features and benefits of our power toothbrushes
  • Find out how recommending a power toothbrush helps you create a stronger relationship with your patients
  • Learn new and practical communication skills for both the clinical and support team members
  • Watch a video series on how to help your patients use the InteliSonic and Revolation effectively
  • Enjoy podcasts on various dental topics and how they relate to incorporating a power toothbruch into you practice
  • Interact in a forum where questions can be asked and professional discussions are created

Often when we discuss disease with patients, we unknowingly use words that trigger our patients to go into defensive mode. When patients are in defensive mode you lose the ability to help them understand their disease.

When used correctly, the InteliSonic and Revolation can deliver amazing results for your patient’s home care, and they can also be used as a buffer when communicating about the disease the patient may be experiencing.

When you have the right buffer, it is much easier to help patients become empowered about treating their disease, and to help them choose your office for their treatment. These are just some of the topics that we will be discussing on this website.


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