Revolation Revolving 360° Power Toothbrush & UV Sanitizer
Boxed Revolation Revolving 360° Power Toothbrush & UV Sanitizer
Revolation Revolving 360° Power Toothbrush & UV Sanitizer
Revolation Revolving 360° Power Toothbrush & UV Sanitizer Base
Revolation Revolving 360° Power Toothbrush Case
Revolation Everyday Brush Head
Revolation Ortho Brush Head
Revolation Perio Brush Head

Revolation Revolving 360° Power Toothbrush & UV Sanitizer

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REVOLUTIONARY The combination of 360° spinning motion with brush heads tailored for everyday, perio and ortho use, Revolation removes plaque and debris from even the most hard-to-clean places with better results than a manual toothbrush.

The Revolation is packed with features not found in other revolving brushes including variable speed settings with pulse mode, brush head storage and a UV sanitizer built into the charging base. A built-in timer promotes effective cleaning in each area of the mouth.


Product Features

Revolving technology Continuous spinning and sweeping motion on tooth surfaces and gums to help remove debris and plaque.

3 Custom brush heads 

Everyday brush head For overall cleaning, stain removal and whiter teeth.

Perio brush head Extended bristles reach between teeth and below the gum line to remove plaque and help prevent decay.

Ortho brush head Effective cleaning of difficult-to-reach areas around braces, brackets, wires, other orthodontic appliances, and around implants and bridge work.

Three Variable Speed Settings Separate control settings for normal, sensitive and pulse modes.

2-Minute Auto Timer Ensures thorough brushing cycle pausing every 30 seconds to signal when to clean each area.

Rechargeable and Environmentally-safe Batteries Lasts up to 20 brushing cycles on full charge and allows for normal disposal.

Hard Travel Case Sturdy and durable hard case.

Charger Base with Integrated UV Sanitizer Charging base with auto on/off sanitizing timer.

Two-year Limited Warranty Protection against defects and peace of mind.

What's in the box:

  • Easy grip brush handle
  • UV sanitizer charging base
  • 1 everyday brush head
  • 1 perio brush head
  • 1 ortho brush head
  • Hard travel case
  • Manual

SKU: DRX9000

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