About DentistRx

About DentistRx

DentistRx was founded by a group of dental professionals to develop products that enhance oral care and promote overall health. We have an unstoppable stream of enthusiasm for doing our very best. We're a brand with passion that believes in people.

Our Culture

We care about every aspect of our customer's experience. And we're always ready to prove it. We have a smart hustle to deliver results, we're passionate about innovation and designing cutting-edge products and we're a team that's one big happy family. These aren't just words we're putting on our website because you'll think they sound good. This is how we strive to live our brand every day.

Our Team

We know that building a strong brand is all about attracting talented individuals with diverse thoughts, ideas and passions. Let us know if you're interested in joining our team of number ones. Contact us by sending your resume' at: careers@dentistrx.com

DentistRx is committed to providing better choices and better options for better results.

Our Home

DentistRx originated in the technology and life sciences corridor of Seattle, an incubator for new technology that has revolutionized the power toothbrush market. In 2015, we relocated from the west coast to the east coast and now call sunny Clearwater Florida our home.

4400 118th Avenue North
Suite 106
Clearwater, FL 33762
(877) 71-SONIC (877-717-6642)