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Being dental professionals, we do things differently. It's our brand's culture that inspires us to continuously do better. DentistRx products are designed to deliver benefits with both your patients and practice in mind. The DentistRx brand is dispensed through dental practices and not in retail stores. Incorporating DentistRx into your dental office helps keep your patients healthy and practice revenue growing.

Find out why dentists all across the US are switching to DentistRx. DentistRx practice pricing is available through Patterson Dental, Henry Schein, and Benco Dental. Experience our specialized dental office support, training and patient-facing education materials designed for better treatment acceptance and patient compliance.

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Butter the Popcorn and Get your Team Training on the Oral Benefits of Our Electric Toothbrush lineup.

Our online video content is just what you need to find the perfect buzz words to help train your hygienist and office team.

We provide easy online training videos sharing clinical facts and techniques to help move your patient education forward. Share your professional “know-how” to better educate your patients on why a healthy oral home care routine is critical to your patients overall health. Having been in the dental profession for many years, we know that offering a product that will benefit your patient will also benefit your practice. DentistRx is the perfect partner to help you grow treatment acceptance and practice revenue. It’s amazing we still have dental practices that offer manual toothbrushes to patients when we have clinical facts and proof showing electric power toothbrushes provide significantly more plaque removal. Yes, we’re talking about the nasty plaque that causes gingivitis, periodontal disease and tooth decay. And yes, we’re also talking about the same periodontal disease linked to so many other systemic health conditions throughout our body.

Founded by dental professionals, we know selling in a dental office is not what you’re all about. So, let us show you how to integrate the electric toothbrush discussion into your patient treatment planning! Let us show you how to educate your patients with proper brushing techniques while they are sitting in your dental chair.

Let us help you get started. We have a simple slogan at DentistRx that kicked off our mission for better oral care and patient education, “Better Health Starts Here!”

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