DentistRx Intelisonic Power Toothbrush
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  • A Powerful Feeling of Clean.

    DentistRx electric toothbrushes are designed by dental professionals for healthier individuals.

    Our patented electric toothbrush designs are clinically proven to remove plaque and promote healthier gums and naturally whiter teeth. DentistRx is committed to your oral home care and is recommended and dispensed by dentists and hygienists nationwide. Explore our favorite electric toothbrushes designed for better oral care.

  • Healthy Patients. Healthy Practice.

    The link between periodontal disease and serious systemic conditions is well established. Because three out of four adults have some form of the disease, dental professionals can play a critical role in their patients’ oral and overall health by simply guiding their toothbrush choice. DentistRx electric toothbrushes are dispensed as a key component of your clinical treatment and patient education program. The benefits of dispensing DentistRx is rewarding.

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