Intelisonic Youth Toothbrush

Item Number: DRX7000


The Power of Personality

UNIQUELY YOU The Intelisonic Youth toothbrush uses the sonic power of 31,000 brush strokes per minute to blast away interproximal, gum line, and whole mouth plaque with every use. All while catering to the user's personality with a fun color scheme and interchangeable faceplate stickers!

Intelisonic Youth delivers a deep-cleaning experience that not only helps improve overall gum health, naturally whitens teeth and freshens breath, but one that grows with you.

  • Interchangeable Stickers: Customize your Intelisonic Youth with 16 custom designed stickers featuring various themes from popular sports and space to kittens and unicorns!
  • Healthier gums: The Intelisonic Youth is clinically proven to be safe and effective in removing plaque and bacteria leading to improved gum health with regular use.
  • Whiter teeth: Daily brushing with Intelisonic Youth can help remove tooth stains caused by sugary food and beverages, resulting in naturally whiter teeth.
  • Fresher breath: Oral bacteria causes 99% of bad breath. The Intelisonic Youth brush powers through odor-causing plaque, giving patients cleaner teeth and fresher breath.


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Personalize your toothbrush with 16 custom stickers


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